All College Day was established in 2000 by Campus Life and Diversity as a time to bring students, faculty, administrators, and staff together to discuss issues of importance to the campus community.  Kaleidoscope, cosponsored by the Office of International Services and the Vassar International Students Association, is an annual event celebrating Vassar’s diversity of cultures.  The Vassar Jewish Union (VJU) is one of 12 student communities of faith supported by the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life.  A gathering in the ALANA (African and African American—Latino/a—Asian and Asian American—Native American) Center  The LGBTQ Center is centrally located in the College Center.  Campus Life and Diversity sponsors Vassar First Year, a series of events for first-year students designed to help them get the most out of their Vassar experience.  The annual ALANA Fest takes place in April of spring semester.  The Office of International Services hosts a sale and auction of Haitian art each year to support the community of Chermaitre in Haiti.  The LGBTQ Center is staffed by a full-time director and student interns.  Several times a year, the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life sponsors a Luminaire Walking Meditation event on the Chapel lawn.  One of the most popular All College Day events is the mural project in the College Center, where all members of the community are invited to express their feelings and opinions.  Sponsored by Campus Life and Diversity, Freshmen 15 is an annual spring First Year event featuring student readings and artistic creations.  A workshop at the LGBTQ Center  The organizers of Kaleidoscope, an annual event with international cuisine, a flag ceremony, and a talent show  During All College Day, the Soup and Substance event brings members of the community together to discuss issues of campus life and diversity  The annual Baccalaureate service on the Saturday before Commencement is organized by the Council of Black Seniors.

The Campus Life and Diversity Office strives to enhance the quality of campus life for all students by advancing Vassar’s mission to provide a socially responsible and inclusive education. We promote affirming communities, equity, social justice education, global citizenship, cultural pluralism, and spiritual exploration through a variety of resources: the ALANA Cultural Center to support students of color, International Student Services, the LGBTQ Center, Religious and Spiritual Life resources, the Women’s Center, campus dialogues across difference and community, and first year student engagement programs.

The Campus Life team works in close collaboration across offices, with faculty, and other administrative resources to foster inclusive learning and living environments as valuable components of a liberal arts education for Vassar students.

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