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The Campus Life Resource Group (CLRG)

Who We Are

The Campus Life Resource Group (CLRG) is a committee of primarily students and administrators that works to promote campus dialogue and also plans the annual All College Days in February.

Mission Statement

The Campus Life Resource Group creates opportunities for dialogue and discourse within the campus community through forums, networking and referrals.   By bringing together students, faculty, administrators, and staff, CLRG facilitates cross-campus communication and interactions that encourage personal reflection, a sense of belonging, and campus community.

What We Do

The CLRG organizes the annual All College Days as well as several Conversation Dinners throughout the year. All of these events are designed to bring together members of the campus community who might not have otherwise met and engage them in conversation. We believe that community life can be improved through productive dialogue.

Our Structure

The group meets weekly to discuss "campus life" and can serve as a resource group on campus community issues. Additionally, the group:

  • acts as a sounding board for the campus community through discussions and other events
  • can collaborate with other campus offices and groups in response to specific concerns within the college community
  • works with the Campus Life & Diversity Office in facilitating Conversation Dinners and forums
  • organizes the annual All College Days in February