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All College Days, February 22-24, 2016

Vassar celebrates All College Days each year to bring all members of the campus community together for interaction and reflection.

All College Day Schedule and Workshops

Monday, February 22

All College Days Opening Reception

Villard Room

Food and informal social to kick-off All College Days!  Open to students and employees.  Also, pick up a schedule of events.


Tuesday, February 23

Soup and Substance

12:00pm - 1:30pm
Faculty Commons                                                 

Staff, faculty, students and administrators are invited to join conversations about All College Day(s). We serve the soup; you bring the substance—ideas, thoughts and reflections. The atmosphere will be relaxed, so stay as long as you can. Facilitated by CLRG members.

All College Days Dialogues and Workshops

Using Contemplative Practices to Navigate Life at Vassar

Jade Parlor

During this 1 ½ hour workshop we will discuss some of the contemplative practices currently being used in academic settings and explain how certain practices can be helpful for maintaining one’s sense of balance and connectedness.  Together we will learn and practice walking meditation, reflect on how we might take better care of ourselves, and help others through the use of contemplative practices.
Facilitators:Wayne Assing, Assistant Director of the Vassar College Counseling Service; Sharon Parkinson, Senior Analyst of Prospect Development and Research, Vassar College Office of Alumnae/i Affairs and Development

Building Brave Classrooms

5:30pm - 7:00pm
College Center, MPR

What does a non-violent classroom look like? In this dialogue we will engage with and against the hierarchies that are constructed within the college classroom and begin to name the dynamics that reproduce oppresive structures and relationships which may sometimes even occur within the space of courses which seek to dismantle them. In committing to building brave classrooms, we seek to tap into the otherwise possibility of an education which liberates.
A dialogue for students, facilitated by students from the Vassar College Dialogue Center


Wednesday, February 24

All College Days Campus Gathering

11:30am - 3:00pm
College Center

Table exhibits from student groups, offices/departments, committees, etc. in the North Atrium and on the second floor of the College Center.  Also, learn more about the work of CLRG and All College Days history and goals.

Table Exhibits: Africana Studies/Arabic Club, ALANA Center, Campus Life Resource Group (CLRG), Campus Life & Diversity Office, Counseling Services, Creative Arts Across Disciplines (CAAD), Divest VC, Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action, Exploring Science Program, Health Service, Jewish Studies Program, Non-Alcholic Programming Committee, Office of Sustainability, Religious & Spiritual Life, Sexual Assault and Violence Prevention (SAVP) Program, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), The Climate of Vulnerable Spaces (an ENST/THESIS), The Environmental Cooperative at Vassar Barns, The Vassar Fund, Vassar Catholic Community, Vassar Christian Fellowship (VXF), Vassar College Urban Education Initiative, Vassar Experimental Garden, Vassar Jewish Union, Vassar Just Food, Vassar Zine Library, and VCEMS

CIE Diversity and Inclusion Conversation Cafe

3:30pm - 5:30pm
Villard Room

The Committee on Inclusion and Excellence will host a campus-wide interactive workshop to provide an opportunity for attendees to work in small groups, engage in guided conversations regarding the work of CIE, and provide feedback to the committee. Led by CIE as an All College Days event.

All College Days Closing Reception

5:45 pm
Rose Parlor

Hors d’oeuvres, food and beverages.
Hosted by the Dean of the College, President’s Office and CLRG


    About All College Days

    All College Days is an annual event planned by the Campus Life Resource Group, a committee of students, staff, faculty, and administrators. It is made possible through collaborations within the Dean of the College Division, among students and other offices. One goal of the event is to create open and honest dialogue on matters of campus life. Questions and comments may be shared at any time by contacting us at campuslife@vassar.edu or in the Campus Life and Diversity Office (Main, N-163). Please call (845) 437-5426 if you have questions or want more information.

    This year's All College Days occurs on February 22 - 24


    2015 – Self and Community Care

    2014 – (un)silencing voices

    2013 – Race, Privilege, Power

    2012 – Engaging Campus Tensions

    2011 – Sesqui  1861 – 2011 Perspectives

    2010 – Bridging The Gaps

    2009 - Hearing All Voices

    2008 – Be The Change

    2007 – Building Community at Vassar: What’s Next?

    2006 – Beyond the Gate: Vassar and Poughkeepsie…a day of open and honest campus dialogue about our relationship with Poughkeepsie

    2005 – Finding Common Ground at Vassar: Identity • Community • Politics

    2004 – Race at Vassar: A Year-long Conversation

    2003 – Bursting the Bubbles: Building A Community That Works For Everyone

    2002 – A day to discuss issues of community and to explore our individual and collective responsibility in promoting a stronger, inclusive community for everyone.

    2001 – Community at Work, Working at Community  “A day to examine issues of diversity at Vassar and our individual and collective responsibilities in promoting positive community for all.” – President Fergusson