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WHAT NEXT? See what can happen after a Conversation Dinner


Things You Can Do

JOIN one of the many campus organizations, committees, groups, etc. (including CLRG); or create a new one!   To find an extensive list of campus organizations or information about founding one, visit the Campus Activities Office or view the Vassar Student Association's organization list at: http://vsa.vassar.edu/orgs/list.php

GET INVOLVED in the community (both on and off the Vassar campus) to learn more, make your voice heard and empower other members of the community by attending events, lectures, buying locally, etc.

WRITE an editorial/opinion for campus newspapers and local/regional papers in order to inform others.   

TAKE ACTION …express yourself, organize an awareness campaign, become an advocate, raise funds for the issue…

CONTINUE TO LEARN more about topics that pique your interest, write a paper about the issues you are concerned with if it is relevant to a current class you are taking, or become an expert on the issue and write a position paper to present to the Vassar community.  

EXTEND THE DIALOGUE into your dorm, office or in the classroom.   At a later date, reconvene with your tablemates for a Conversation Dinner “reunion/revisited.”

PARTICIPATE in another Conversation Dinner (contact: campuslife@vassar.edu) or other campus dialogues.  Encourage a friend to do the same.

SEEK OUT an internship, fieldwork, volunteer or job opportunity in which you can use your new ideas/goals/values by visiting the offices of Career Development, Field Work, Community Action, Religious and Spiritual Life/Community Service.  

CONNECT with a person—staff, faculty, student, or administrator—at the college who might be knowledgeable about a particular area discussed during a conversation dinner.